How Trish’s Team Benefits You

Everything a Realtor does – We expect you to talk about us behind our back!

Everything is directed toward reaching the client’s objective. This usually means that our Buyers or Sellers think we are real estate rock stars – lot of pressure, but we aim to please! Our team members perform at standards Trish sets and the typical result is that our Sellers or Buyers are excited about the level of service they’ve received and they will tell their family and friends. We also expect the same will happen if we suck and we don’t want that! Trish’s real estate career has been and always will be about putting her clients best interests first. “Concentrate on giving great service and the business will take care of itself” has been a standing motto of Trish’s since she started.

The Challenge – Stand out (in a good way)

Trish’s team is diverse & constantly growing because her business is diverse & constantly growing. She knows it is extremely important to not only keep up with the level of service her clients have come to expect but surprise them with service at a whole new level.

The Goal

That you love us and think we walk on water! It’s that simple.

The Team

It simply comes down to a higher level of service. Trish recognized that a Realtor who works on their own and tries to be everything to everybody is going to burn out and the client is going to pay the price. Even the best pilot has a co-pilot and in Trish’s case, several – her committed team of professionals with the common goal of great results for every client. Throw in Lisa, our Team Office Manager, and Trish can concentrate on what she does best.

The Result

Great Service – Great Results! Trish’s plain English, blunt and unfiltered approach to real estate has made the difference in being able to handle a consistently increasing business while at the same time being able to offer a level of client service that many people have never experienced before. That’s a promise!

We would love to represent you.

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or do both, we have a team that’s ready to go. Contact us today – we’re confident you’ll be glad you did!

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