What’s it Worth?

Probably the most important answer you will need and the one that most Realtors don’t want to tell you.  Why?  Fear of upsetting the potential Seller, fear of losing the listing to an agent that gives a higher price, etc. We can’t promise we will tell you what you want to hear, but we assure you we will tell you what you need to hear.  Nobody wants a For Sale sign on the lawn for long, but “Sold” looks pretty good in our eyes!  The quickest road to “Sold” is an accurate evaluation.  It isn’t the ’80’s anymore.  The public access to online information has changed the way people shop for houses and an overpriced house will simply stay “For Sale”.

So… no guessing the price with us.  We have a system that works, but it takes time to do it right.  We won’t just throw a price at you, but instead sit down with you and present not only the reasons for your accurate listing price, but more importantly, our proven marketing methods that have made us so successful.  We make pricing obvious and we back up our marketing claims with action and results!

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