A one of a kind collection of personalities with personality!

We won’t bore you with the details of how many years we’ve been in the real estate business, how long we’ve lived in the Quinte area, our favourite colours, sports teams we sponsor, etc. because all of that blah, blah, blah isn’t what makes us memorable.  We’re all very different, but that is what makes us great together.  With a long list of clients who have become friends, we’re positive we will be great for you too!

Our Valuable Team Members

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Trish Belford

Real Estate Salesperson - Team Leader

Trish: Precise (like a ninja). Determined (like a pitbull). Fun (like a waterslide).

Yep, Trish is the boss. She’s also consistently one of the top producing Re/Max Salespeople in Canada and has a box full of awards to prove it – she doesn’t have them plastered all over the wall, because she isn’t like that. If you’re looking for a ninja negotiator that will ruthlessly fight for you like a pitbull and somehow make the entire buying or selling process fun, then welcome to her family.

Mark Hall

Real Estate Salesperson, Lic. Asst. to Trish Belford

Mark: Genuine. Motivated. Driven.

Mr. Adaptability loves a good laugh, drives a little bit too fast, is stubborn like a mule (according to his wife) and is grateful that no video footage exists of his mountain biking wipeouts. Mark has sort of a weird mix of talents, with a proven track record of successes in multi-tenant investment, executive leasing and good old fashioned buyer/seller client care. To sum Mark up in one statement… Happy when you’re happy.

Patty Clapp

Real Estate Salesperson, Lic. Asst. to Trish Belford

Patty: Attentive. Dedicated. Passionate.

Think of Patty like a mom for clients. She worries about her buyers and sellers like they are adopted kids. You know; wakes up at night thinking about them, wants the best for them, wants to help them even when they are driving her nuts! Looking for some real estate love? You’ve found it with this turbo organized self sacrificing mother hen.

Aaron Bucci

Real Estate Salesperson, Lic. Asst. to Trish Belford

Aaron: Sociable. Ambitious. Honest.

Call him Bucci (Boochee) – everyone else does! He knows the Quinte area inside and out and will bend over backwards to keep a client smiling. With hundreds and hundreds of friends on his Facebook account, he’s the guy that knows a guy… With all that personality, networking ability and area knowledge, we’re confident you’re going to be in good hands.

Stephen Bartz

Real Estate Salesperson, Lic. Asst. to Trish Belford

Stephen: Genuine. Dedicated. Fun-loving guy.

The kind of guy that causes ripples in the office – in a good way… actually, a great way!  From the first time you meet him, you’ll quickly figure out what a genuine, dedicated, fun-loving guy Stephen is.  He’s totally committed to fighting for what is best for family, friends and his rapidly growing list of satisfied clients.  With Stephen, you get the determined focus expected from a supportive, adaptable real estate professional but with the unmatched selfless work ethic of an oil rig roughneck.

Lisa Kingsley

Team Office Manager

Lisa: Approachable. Committed. Caring.

Don’t panic! Lisa has the answer. If she doesn’t have it at her fingertips, it won’t take her long. She’s a cross between Google and a closet organizer and we couldn’t be as good as we are without her.

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