Stage it, don’t empty it!

Most people think after watching HGTV that they need to remove everything from there home, replace old furniture with new ones and turn into people they are not!  That’s just not the case.  Our Team Leader, Trish Belford, is a registered Canadian Staging Professional (CSP).  She has been licensed in staging for over 8 years and provides each of our Sellers with an evaluation and staging plan if the home requires one.  

3 Steps to be successful when staging if it’s needed:

  1. Walk around your home and think like you were the Buyer.  Carefully list everything that must be done on a notepad.
  2. It’s Prep time! – de-cluttering, fresh paint where needed, touch-ups and most important cleaning.
  3. Showcase all your hard work by making sure you have removed the furniture that makes your space feel smaller to enhance the home and sell the lifestyle Buyers want.

One Big Hurdle with Staging

The biggest hurdle to being successful when it comes to staging is thinking the details don’t matter. Homeowners underestimate the cumulative impact small, subtle details have on a Buyer’s response to the home. Seller’s often, can’t see past their trinkets and memories.  They more often then not, neglect the fact that an appropriate investment in proper presentation and prep work will help us  with our marketing efforts and result in a far greater return and smoother sale.

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